Writing 1/anglila/B

Wall Magazine

I want to discribe about wall magazine in IAIN Salatiga.
IAIN Salatiga has many wall magazine. And that wall magazines have a lot of paper like announcement,seminar,job vacancy and so on. I discribing wall magazine especially wall magazine in front of canteen. That wall magazine very dirty. Many paper plugin there. And no one care or want to clean it.

Dewi Verawati/ 11311080/ Writing 1

Interview Lecturer
Last week I interviewed the lecturer of listening 4.
The name of the lecturer is Mrs. Muthmmainah.
I asked about her hobbies, favorite food and everything about her.
Mrs. Muthmainah lived in salatiga. Her address is Perum Salatiga, A 18, Blotongan, Salatiga.
She is the first child. She has three siblings.
She has hobby such as reading a novel, culinary and traveling.
Her favorite food is sambal.
She has big ambition to abroad especially goes to Australia, America and Korea.

IAIN Salatiga has a big library. There are three floors in the library.
In the first floor there are living room, receptionist service, photo copy service and data center room.
If you visit this floor you can sit while enjoying free hot spot.
in the second floor you can find so many fiction/non fiction books, reading area and computer service.
You can borrow the books or only reading there.
in the third floor you can see a lot of encyclopedic books and graduating paper collection,
but you cannot borrow the encyclopedic books because it is limited.

writing 1 Muhamad Misbah Nurohman 113-11-024

Mr. Faizal Risdianto who well-known as Mr Faizal is one of the lecturer s in IAIN Salatiga. He was born in Jepara on 17th september 1975. Recently, he lived in Pandean, Tasik Madu, Karanganyar. Based on the interview, he was graduated from Sebelas Maret University for both Undergraduate and Post graduate program. He concerned in english literature for his undergraduate program and finished it in the year of 2000. While, for his post graduate program he concerned in Linguistic department. His hobbies are travelling and mostly reading. He was also known as productive writer. More than 25 journals, books, and his essay was published and mostly discuss about linguistic. More over, he was also act as editor of journals.
In the other hand, Mr. Faizal not only master in english linguistic but also good in hindi. He has visited india for many times. For the example, in 2013 he became as one of the participant of symposium entitled “ India-NITT summer diploma in english communication, IT & Networking skills”. It became one of the reasons he able spoke indi.

Name : Muhamadn Misbah Nurohman
NIM : 113-11-024
class : class A

Nama: DIAN AMALIA (113-14-017/B)

DIAN AMALIA (113-14-017)
I have interviewed my lecturer. His name is Mr. Gufron, M.Ag. He teaches Tafsir in my class. He is a gentle lecturer. Mr. Gufron was born in August 14th, 1972. He lives on Panti Asuhan Darul Hadlanah, Fatmawati street, km 05, Blotongan-Salatiga. He graduated from Guyangan, Pati Elementary School. After graduated, he studied in MTs Raudlatul Ulum. Mr. Gufron also studied in MA Raudlatul Ulum, Guyangan-Pati. Mr. Gufron continued his study in IAIN Sunan Kalijaga-Yogyakarta. He took Tafsir Hadits in Ushuluddin Faculty from 1993 to 1998. His reasons why did Mr. Gufron take Tafsir Hadits are ; his parents’s recommendation, and his friends support him to take this lecture. Mr. Gufron has ever taught in STIQ An-Nur Yogyakarta (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Al-Qur’an). And he was a teacher in Madrasah Diniyah Nurul Umah, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta. He is a lecturer in IAIN Salatiga from 2003 until now.

Salatiga has a big mosque. The mosque is Darul Amal. This mosque is located at Tentara Pelajar Street. And near with Education Faculty IAIN Salatiga. Darul Amal Mosque has a big building. The mosque is clean, large, and beautiful. Darul Amal Mosque has three floors. In the first floor, there are three rooms. One of the rooms is used for TPQ. Another rooms, are used to meeting place or learning place. The next floor is a praying place for men. We can see the beauty around of Pancasila Yard. The last floor is a praying place for women. We can look around Pancasila from the third floor. Perhaps, we should take a picture of the scenery from here. Darul Amal Mosque is the biggest mosque in Salatiga, but it has a bad thing, it is about the toilet. The women’s toilet are not useful correctly.

Writing 1 Indah Dwi Fitriyanti (11314161) Class B

Interview Lecturer

Mrs.Nur Muthmainah Lecturer
Mrs.Nur Muthmainah,S.Pd.I.,M.Pd. is lecturer at IAIN Salatiga and she is alumnus of IAIN Salatiga.She started her education from SD Sambirejo 1.Then she continoue her education in MTs Sragen.Three years later she studied in SMA Surakarta.She was the student of IAIN Salatiga.
She continoue her education in UNS Surakarta.Now,she is a lecturer in IAIN Salatiga.She has been teaching in IAIN Salatiga since 2013.Before in Salatiga,she was teacher in MTs Sragen. Then in IAIN Salatiga she has been teaching ; Speaking 2 and 4,Listening 2 ,Translation 1,Sematick and SIBI frequent.Translation is hie favorite in teach. She said that she sad if her students not do their homework and copy when test.
Now ,she has been living at Perum Sehati Number A18 Blotongan Sidorejo Salatiga.She have principle for always respectful to her parent.Her hobies are eating ang travelling with her husband.He want continou her study amymore in UNS Surakarta or in Amerika.

Campus Library

Library is a place where we can learn and discuss about various things.A library in IAIN Salatiga be found three floors and each floor provide many facilities.The facilities can help us when learn and discuss.
The first floor of the library be found many lockers to the left of the room,some seats located near the stairs,attendance table,a small room for photocopying,a refrigerator with various drinks and a showcase with various snacks. I feel pleasant when sit on the seat in the room,because the floor so very clean and everything seem neat.
When we are going up the stairs toward the second floor of the library,we will see bleachers in the middle of the room,many books on the bookshelves,a table book lending,table book return and some computers to the left of the room.The books in the second floor is about science and many others books there.
The third floor of the library be found many graduate books,bleachers and several others book. Student use the room of the third floor usually for discuss and do a task .Student like in this room because very pleasand and quiet.
Books on the second floor can be boorowed or just beread.This library very pleasant for we learn or discuss.We can find many books for we do our task and improve our knowledge.We can come to the library and increase our knowledge.

Writing 1 Retno Listyoasih (11314159) Class B

interview lecturer
I have a lecturer. His name is Mr. Muhamad Hasbi, S.Pd.I., M.A.TESL. He lived in Suruh, Semarang. He has lectured of English Department in IAIN Salatiga since 2014. He taught courses speaking, listening, translation, semantic, and SIBI.
He started his education from SDN 01 Kedungringin. He continued his study in SMP 01 Wonosegoro. Then, he continued his study in SMA 01 Karanggede. In 2012, he graduated from IAIN Salatiga. During became a student of IAIN Salatiga, he was actived in organization such as LDK, CEC, KAMMI, and DEMA. After that, he continued his master graduate / S2 at The English and Foreighn Language University (EFLU) India.
Now, he has a english course that is known by the name of Hazrat Khan. He gives me tips to quickly master the TOEFL.That is by studying hard, doesn’t get bored, and follow TOEFL test every year. He aspiration to be a teacher. His plans for the future are create a language institution, continue his doctor in Europe or Australia and travelling to overseas. His motto is when you fall to try or get something, get up and try again until you get what you want.

Campus’s Garden

There is a small garden in my campus. Many plants are grown in there such as palm, bayan, and pine tree. Actually, this gardenis beautiful but a lot of trust in here. It make the garden looks dirty and untidy.
This garden located in front of the classroom and the wall magazine. There is a wall climbing in the midddle of garden. Usually, a student use this place to relaxe or just fall in line with friends.

Writing 1 – Nurul Imamah (11314003) Class B

Interview Lecturer
In this Writing assignment, I have interviewed my lecturer of Reading. She is Mrs. Yuli Nur Ariyani, S.Pd.I., M.Pd. Mrs. Yuli comes from Banyumas. When she was a child, Mrs. Yuli continued her study not onlyin one place. When she was in playgroup and Elementary School, she was graduated from Sumedang. When Mrs. Yuli was in Junior High School and Senior High School, she was graduated from Banyumas.Mrs. Yuli also a student of IAIN Salatiga. She took English Department. She was graduated from IAIN Salatiga in 2011. When she continued her study in university, she stayed in boarding house during one year and she try to teached extra lesson. She graduated S2 in University of Sebelas Maret. Now, Mrs. Yuli is a lecturer in IAIN Salatiga. She teaches Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Structure. She has been teaching from 2013 until now.Now, she stays in Togaten, Salatiga. Mrs. Yuli has a hobby, her hobby is reading. The reason why does she like reading because she likes reading since she was child. Since child, she hope to be a teacher or lecturer. She said, “Teaching student of university is easy”. Her motto is “Learning is never stop”. Mrs. Yuli also teaches in SMK Farmasi Salatiga.

The Library

The library always help the students. The library is used for reading, borrowing, and searching many informations. Not only books in the library, but there are newspaper, magazine, etc. Students activities in the library not only reading and borrowing, but also returning the books that they are borrowing. Library in my campus is clean and has three floors. In the ground floor there are saving bag and absent. Then in the second floor there are collection of some books about knowledge, this is place that many student used this place to reading, borrowing, and return the books. And the last floor or third floor only there are graduating paper. Graduating paper that placed in the third floor is not for borrowing by students, students only can copy it. Some students use their free time to connect the wifi in the library. Many student also using the terrace for sit or chatting with their friend. Now, library in my campus also complete photocopy store that easily many student to copy their books that them borrowing like graduating paper.

Writing 1 / Sapta Suci / 113-12-107 / class B

My Lecturer
Yesterday, I interviewed a lecturer of IAIN Salatiga to fulfill my task in writing class. Her complete name is Dra, Widyastuti, M.Pd and her nick name is Mrs. Widya. She was born in Kendal, 26th March 1963. Now, she lives in Perum Ambarawa, Bawen, Indonesia. She has lived in Ambarawa for 15 years, she moved from Kendal to Ambarawa in 1998. Her daily activities are being a lecturer in IAIN Salatiga and actives in Dharma Wanita organization. Every day, she is going to Salatiga by bus.
She likes cooking and reading a book. She also likes sport activity such as jogging, swimming and gymnastics. Her activity in weekend is gathering with her big family. She has married and has 3 children, the first and the last is boy and the second is a girl. Her futures will is to be succeed in educate her children to be good children.

When you enter to the campus of IAIN Salatiga you will find a library. This library is located beside Daarul Amal Mosque. The building for library has three floors, the first floor is for registration and administration, the second and the third floor is for book. Every day, the library of IAIN Salatiga is always full by students who wants to read a book, borrow a book or look for the references for their study. This library is very nice place for study and discussion. Many old and new book you can find there. The most important is this place is not noisy and calm. I hope this library will always be better to serve the students.


In Salatiga has a big mosque. The mosque is Darul Amal. The Mosque is located beside IAIN Salatiga campus. The mosque on Tentara Pelajar street. The mosque is very famous. The mosque has luxurious building. The mosque has three floors but, in the first floor is used class room to study. In the first floor has some class room to study university student of IAIN Salatiga and TPQ room. In the second floor is used for men pray and in the third floor is used for women pray. The mosque also used seminar even or another even, such as wedding contract.

My lecturer is a good person. His name is Mr.Supriyanto,M.P.d. Many students call him Mr.Supri. He is an English teacher and English lecturer. He lives in Tegal Waton,Tengaran,Semarang regency,Central Java,Indonesia. He graduated from elementary school SDN 1 Tengaran, from junior high school SMPN 1 Tengaran and from senior high school SMAN1 Tengaran. In senior high school, he join extracurricular sport that is volleyball. Then, he continued his study in Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). He chose studied English education. He graduated S1 from his university in 1987. He has taught experience, such as: in senior high school SMA Islam Sudirman Ambarawa, from 1987-1990; in junior high school SMPN 5 Salatiga, from 1990-1993; in senior high school SMAN 3 Salatiga, from 1994 up to now. He like English since senior high school. He has aspiration to become an teacher, than he met his friend and believed him to be an lecturer. And than he continued again his study in Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS). He graduated S2 from his university in 2008. He also has been teaching in IAIN Salatiga since 2002. His reason to be a lecture because he want to educate another people. He chose English because many students think that English is difficult and he want to prove that English not difficult. His expectation of future are to be better teacher and lecturer.


Nama :Ja’far Abdu L.
NIM :113-14-052
Kelas :B
Dra. Widyastuti,M.Pd.
Her name is Dra. Widyastuti,M.Pd.She is lecturer in Translation,Speaking,and Vocabulary.When she graduated from senior high school in 1981,she learned in IKIP or school of teaching for 1 year.after that she continued her study in university and she took English Literature.In that time,English Teacher was very small of number.After she graduated from university in 1986,she has been teaching in IAIN Salatiga in 1997 until now.

The cafetaria is a gathering place for the students.It provides plenty of food such as soup,frieds food,and rames.It also provides drinks,you can choose cofee or ice tea.Not only men who are often there,but also women are often there.